Music Update

Penthouse Penthouse – Besides EP

Penthouse Penthouse makes some insanely smooth and easy-listening electronic music, I definitely consider the LA-based duo an inspiration for my future attempts at producing. Something about their heavy-hitting bass combined with a constant vibe — I haven’t found in any other producer’s music to date. I can name Kaytranada, Stwo, Mr. Carmack, Sango, Flume, and more, as incredible musical creators in the modern-day electronic context, and while I gravitate toward that umbrella of production-type, Penthouse really does bring a unique feel to a Soundcloud culture populated by same-sounding producers.

Some of my favorite single tracks include: Private Jet, What U Sippin On, and Let Me See That

This new EP just came out yesterday — there’s a collab with Stwo that is off the charts, two of their best previously-released tracks have been buffed up, and a JNTHN STEIN (bassist) feature on the closer is clean. I highly suggest a listen.


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