Music Fills Voids

I put a lot of thought into the continuity of these posts. I hold and kind of cherish this idea that each post, whether separated by a day, week, or month, should relate in some way to the prior one. Not really the subject matter, just getting back to an interesting note that I might not have fully explained before. The purpose of this, in my ears, is for you to be able to start from post one and go through to my most recent entry, the collection of which paints a picture, a story, or in my case, a sort of personal album/playlist.

So on this note, I wanted to elaborate for a quick second on a broad and slightly idealist idea that I mentioned in my last “musing,” when I said music has a way of “filling empty voids.” In the context of the rest of what I was saying, you probably didn’t even have to pause for that to settle in and hold some meaning. In a way it really is all about context. Or I guess it’s also about how each person perceives and understands various situations and ideas differently.

For this idea, I want to give you a specific example. You’re driving back from a long day at work or school or soccer practice or whatever you do that you drive home from after a long day. So you’re in the car, just you and the car, just sitting and driving? To me, a car without music is truly an “empty void.” And music really does fill that void, I can go on an hour car drive and be satisfied by bumping a soundcloud playlist (here’s one I’ve made), or going back to oldschool rap albums (I got suggested by a friend to go back and listen to this 213 album, the OG rap trio of Snoop, Nate Dogg, and Warren G), or even vibing to some jazz. I could do whatever. Just wanted to put it out there and pose the question as to what music does for you. Hit me on my twitter or leave a comment below with your ideas.