Musings (vol. 2)

Taking a second to clarify a bit of the last post… I had the idea to talk about the creative process because it’s a part of every art form that everyone experiences differently, I wanted to share its significance  “through my ears.” You may have thought: why Duke Ellington? He’s famous for unique chord changes. You also may have thought: how did I pull “art is channeled passion” out of the hat? Ah, referring to a not-so-weekly tweet I do called Quote of the Week, in which I make up a quote and tag a famous musician or public figure as it’s originator: i.e. this tweet.

It’s kind of funny having music as an interest and talking about it on social media. Sometimes I feel like the world revolves around music, not because of its vast importance, but for its inherent existence in everyone’s daily life. Maybe it is because of its vast importance, I don’t know — music has an ability of connecting people, breaking down societal barriers, filling empty voids. To me, it sounds simple — if the world has about 7 billion people, and 95% love music, I should be able to create a lot of conversation by posting about it. How does it sound to you?


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