Musings (vol. 1)

The creative process. It can start anywhere: watching a TV commercial and catching a curious chord progression in the background music, driving down the PCH with the image of the sun setting on the water etched in your memory, reading a 1920’s literary classic and putting your own pen down to paper. For me, it’s when no one is home. That’s when I feel compelled to sit down at the piano and clash¬†diminished and dominants with simple harmonic chords, stuff that just doesn’t fit in the real world. I guess standards exist for a reason though, but it’s not that they’re to be held, but rather to be deceived. I bet Duke Ellington would agree. Either way, when I sit down at the piano or pick up my vibes mallets and go, all I really do is let the creativity flow. So here’s my process: art is channeled passion, so channel it.vibes-mallets


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